Friday, January 11, 2008

happy birthday Siti

These photos was taken last night at Dato Datin Seri Hajjah Siti Nurhaliza's Birthday that was held at La Meredien KL Sentral. the party kicks off at 8.00 pm through 12 midnight as Siti blew her birthday cake' candles at 11pm, on the 10th of January 2008 (her birthday is on 11th January 1979).

As some of you might already notice it here that i like to take photos without flash using auto mode and sometimes apature priority mode which is hard to handle as you really need a strong hand to hold the camera. as to why those were my preferred methods in taken photos is because i really dislike the built-in flash in any cameras because to me the flash kills the real mood. so whenever i take any photo, i love to snap as many as possible so in those photos that i snapped without flash would have some good ones.

There's 2 photos i like most that i snapped during this occassion, first is that photo of Adik Ju (Siti's assistant) smiling (on row three far left ). Why? because her smile is totally sincere and secondly, i love the picture of Atilia and hubby Ariff unaware of me snapping their photo. (same row far right). that photo macam gambar wedding pulak hahaha.

For these 2 photos, i used my Zoom Nikkor 70~300mm lens which has always been my preferred lens with most photos taken far away from my subject without them noticing it. why i like it that way? it is the natural behavior from the person I'm shooting that i love to snaps. they normally looks their best at ease.

as usual, all photos are clickable

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