Saturday, April 17, 2010

indahnya icity!

City of Digital Lights at CityPark, i-city 40000 Shah Alam. Tel: 03 55218824 / 03 21411517

I was attending a function in shah alam earlier and decided to drop by at the park that everyone was raving about and i arrived pretty late at about 1230, my colleague i might be too late but since it would be "almost never" i will come to shah alam again, i decided to find this place and LO AND BEHOLD! what a beautiful sight! although half of the park was close, the remaining lights are still on... beautiful! xmas all year round, so many people around taking photos or just hanging out... but what a pity, with such hapening place, no shops opens :( with such crowd... there should at least some happenings la here... boleh orang orang lepak lepak makan makan , rather then merempits... i think i will make another trip here soon... perhaps earlier , to check what else i didnt get to see as i saw a lot more but no lights :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kemahsyuran Majapahit : Portraits Of Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season 3


top to bottom : left to right
Tiara Jacquelina, Ida Mariana, AC Mizal
Yalal Chin, Safia Hanifah, Kerry-Ann Khoo
Razak Isman, Amandus Paul, Nadiha
Faizal Kamari, Leslie Eli - Haffizillah Sly and Kerry-Ann, Assraf Nasir

i didn't have enough time juggling with the work that i didn't have enough time to take photos like this but when i do managed to 'curi' some time i will take and enjoy that moment makin the cast and ensemble posing for my camera.

an interesting story about these shots in the Kemahsyuran Majapahit and the Melaka Terbilang photos series is that all the photo were shot in between their scenes! like the one of Tiara Jacquelina, she just came out from her scene (dream sequence) and i happened to be at her exit place, she got down from her stupa in sad mood after tuah just left her, i show her the photos that i took earlier and she said, "i want i want" cheerfully and we both ran to the spot where i took all these photos to take her photo and she ran back into her next scene with her same earlier emotion without missing a beat. such professional actor she is, mood and feel on and off in split second! tabik tuan puteri!

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical ended it's 3rd season run last night but memories last forever... more photos including Tuah's photos on my facebook.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Melaka Terbilang : potraits of puteri gunung ledang season 3

hi kengkawans, it has been awhile since i last post any of my photos here, well some of you might know that i was busy with PGLM, i took a lot of photos and today i decided to post this series of photos that i call "Melaka Terbilang". as usual, all photos are clickable and copyright owned by any re-use must include a link-back to


top to bottom : left to right
leslie anak eli, afif halim, bart harlem jr
adlin aman ramlie, siti surya and zukhairi, mar nur huda and razak isman
zai zul azmi, weijun loh, ma nur huda
safia hanifah, siti surya, wadi
amandus paul, zukhairi, muhamad azhar
sya and nana, razak isman, nana
sya, nita hamzah, wan nursyafina
kerry-ann, nadiha, hafizullah sly

Friday, June 20, 2008

15GB on P Ramlee The Musical!

I MUST admit... I am crazy about photography... This season of P Ramlee The Musical has to be an event of which i took the most photos! from from Auditions to Rehearsals to Tech Runs to Performances... a check on my hard drive revealed that i have close to 15GB of photos taken and only 3% of it were my own photos! the rest are all about my fellow casts and ensemble!
here are some of the ones i like most. they might not be the best in my collection but i like these photos for a simple fact that they have stories in each and every photos. some are dramatic, some colorful and of course some are plain cantik.
loving the fact that i am getting comfortable with low lighting and no flash photography. but what was clear is that most of my photos are in portrait modes... hmmm dunno why though... enjoy and do comment! as usual all photos are clickable :)

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