Friday, June 20, 2008

15GB on P Ramlee The Musical!

I MUST admit... I am crazy about photography... This season of P Ramlee The Musical has to be an event of which i took the most photos! from from Auditions to Rehearsals to Tech Runs to Performances... a check on my hard drive revealed that i have close to 15GB of photos taken and only 3% of it were my own photos! the rest are all about my fellow casts and ensemble!
here are some of the ones i like most. they might not be the best in my collection but i like these photos for a simple fact that they have stories in each and every photos. some are dramatic, some colorful and of course some are plain cantik.
loving the fact that i am getting comfortable with low lighting and no flash photography. but what was clear is that most of my photos are in portrait modes... hmmm dunno why though... enjoy and do comment! as usual all photos are clickable :)


elisataufik said...

wow... your pictures are so nice!!
What is your equipment? (cewah, tanya soklan macam professional tak?)
I baru aje beli Nikon D40.. penat menggodek tapi tak reti2 lagi nak guna.. :P Gambar semua buruk2..

elisataufik said...

eh lupa nak cakap.. I suka gambar 2 girls hugging with one looking on tu. Maybe coz it looks like it's got a story.

chedd.eddie.yusoff said...

you suka gambar liza hanim ngan atilia hugging tu ek... i like that one too

btw saya gunanikon d40 gak tapi lense saya pakai nikkor 50-200mm VR, setting sometime s manual sometime sports with mostly iso 1600 or 800 for low light. sometime auto jer haha..

.ib. said...

arghh tension tak dpt pegi teater ni... ade emergency family... tp takpelah... next time i will!!!

asri said...

terjah disini

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