Saturday, April 17, 2010

indahnya icity!

City of Digital Lights at CityPark, i-city 40000 Shah Alam. Tel: 03 55218824 / 03 21411517

I was attending a function in shah alam earlier and decided to drop by at the park that everyone was raving about and i arrived pretty late at about 1230, my colleague i might be too late but since it would be "almost never" i will come to shah alam again, i decided to find this place and LO AND BEHOLD! what a beautiful sight! although half of the park was close, the remaining lights are still on... beautiful! xmas all year round, so many people around taking photos or just hanging out... but what a pity, with such hapening place, no shops opens :( with such crowd... there should at least some happenings la here... boleh orang orang lepak lepak makan makan , rather then merempits... i think i will make another trip here soon... perhaps earlier , to check what else i didnt get to see as i saw a lot more but no lights :)

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