Saturday, December 1, 2007

national hip hop challenge 2007

Location : The Summit USJ Date : Dec 1st 2007 Time : 12 noon - 4 pm

all photos are clickable

Well, some of you might ask, "hey chedd isn't this the National Hip Hop Challenge 2007? why there's more kids than adult?" I'll say , " the kids are surprisingly good , well organized and talented.! wish you were there to witness it!" And I was telling Pat Ibrahim and Nadia, i don't remember ever during our school days the kids were dancing/moving like this! let me tell you these kids are talented and you can see a lot of potential in them. and i wonder when did they ever find the time to practice the routines... hmmm ni mesti selalu ponteng kelas nih! huhuhu.

Today's final competition was divided into 4 categories namely under 12, under 18, solos and open crew. in open crew category our girls group (Nita and Diha) the Floor Fever got 1st runner-up placing. congratulation guys!


haznita said...

chedd.. nita post ur pics on my myspace ok... :P terima kasih

chedd.eddie.yusoff said...

no problem babe

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